About Me

I grew up in the beautiful area of North Devon and spent my early years often roaming the countryside on the local farm's Shetland pony. It instilled a sense of adventure and freedom to explore within me. Much of my childhood involved being with family and friends riding horses; they have brought me many priceless thrills and spills throughout my life to date!

I also enjoyed drawing, so horses inevitably became a speciality subject; at primary school I recall my classmates would form an orderly queue beside my school desk, with their exercise books open and pencils poised, ready for my contribution. My mother was a keen amateur photographer and once she armed me with an Instamatic camera, I enjoyed snapping the world around me.

This emerging creative streak throughout my youth pointed towards a career in art and design. At Ravensbourne, I studied BA Visual Communication Design, specialising in moving image, during which I undertook an six exchange to live in Los Angeles for six months. This design education has led to a long career in broadcast graphic design.

My first role led me to Dubai in order to design news and sport graphics for the emirate's television channel. In 1996, some of my first work on television and onscreen at Nad Al Sheba racecourse, was for the inaugural running of the now established Dubai World Cup, at the time won by the great racehorse Cigar. 

Whilst in the UAE, I indulged my sense of adventure in mechanical as well as equestrian form, by regularly joining a knowledgeable crew dune driving in the beautiful desert landscape in my Jeep Wrangler. I was quite proud during one trip because I was informed I had accidentally strayed into Saudi Arabia, according to the handheld GPS. These trips were great experiences; and a team exercise in getting stuck in sand and being promptly rescued. I also took part in the 1996 Jeep Jamboree held in Sharjah, run by Al-Futtaim Trading Enterprises, which was also a hair-raising caper of driving 100km around a dune laden course.

I returned to the UK and since then I have predominantly worked in a motion designer roles in large news and sport television companies; attempting to intertwine my passions within my job description wherever possible. I now offer motion design on a freelance basis as well as photography and videography to get me away from the computer screen more often!  

Being based in west London, I ride regularly in Great Windsor Park with friends and this satisfies my immediate thirst for the great outdoors. 

Last summer in a quest for even greener open spaces, I deployed my photographic and equestrian skills out upon the vast Mongolian steppe and this experience really emphasised to me the importance of trying to combine work with my passions, so it essentially becomes less like work and more like play!